Augusta Whale Watching – 10am

5 stars
Augusta Boat Harbour, Augusta WA

Augusta Whale watching, Western Australia.

Join Neptune Charters for a fantastic whale watching tour.  Experience these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat as they frolic in the pristine waters off Augusta.

Full body breaches, tail slaps and fin slaps are some of the favourite sights of our guests. Off the coast of Augusta we regularly see both Southern right whales and Humpback whales. Other wildlife commonly encountered on our tours include New Zealand fur seals, dolphins and plenty of bird life.

Don’t forget your camera! Capture every moment during your encounter of these awesome creatures. Enjoy the ride as we take in the beautiful scenery of Augusta, including Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, abundant sandy beaches, seals relaxing on Flinders Island and much more.

It can get chilly, therefore please bring warm clothing. Above all safety is most important, In the event of in-climate weather tours will be cancelled and rescheduled. Also if you are prone to motion sickness, please see your chemist for options on sea sickness pills or tablets.

whale watching
Half breach, launching to the sky.

If 10am doesn’t suit, we also have 1:00pm Augusta Whale watching

We run tours from both Augusta Boat Harbour and Hamelin Bay

whale tail splashing
Tail Slap.
whale fin
Fin wave.
Payment Policies
Prepayment / Cancellation
Allowed Cancellation: Yes
Time allowed to free: 14 day
Term & Condition
Subject to wether conditions. Cancellation Policy: In the event of unfavourable conditions, insufficient passenger numbers or safety concerns a full refund or reschedule option the nearest possible time that suits you is available. Cancellation on your behalf 14 days before departure will incur a 30% cancellation fee. Cancellation 7 days before departure will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellation 48 hours or less before departure incurs 100% cancellation
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